Resources for Centres

Designed to complement the three Anatomy and Physiology units (AP 401, 402 and 403), the Resource Handbook for Anatomy and Physiology fulfills all of the assessment criteria. The A and P for Aesthetic Practice takes the learner from basic cell biology and organ systems to skin morphology, human physiology, and facial anatomy. The theory content of Units 1 and 2 is then put into context in Unit 3, where it is applied to everyday aesthetic practice procedures. Each topic is accompanied by exercises in the ‘Workbook Questions’ booklet which are then answered in a separate ‘Workbook Answers’. Recall and understanding are reinforced along the way, until students feel prepared to take the MCQs assessments.

Similar resource handbooks are available for Health, Safety and Hygiene for Aesthetic Procedures (CO401), Client Consultation for Aesthetic Procedures(CO402), Micro-needling (AP409), Peels (AP 410), Dermaplaning (AP415) Plasma Therapy (AP 408) and Mesotherapy (AP 411). Guidelines for the SAQs and assignments, such as The Salon Handbook, are also part of the resources package for centres.

A comprehensive glossary accompanies the course. Each Resource Handbook includes the Consultation Process which is relevant to that procedure, so all aspects of contra actions, contraindications and adverse reactions are covered. The resources are supplied as a package and cannot be subdivided. The resources are not time-limited nor are the number of students provided by the Centre. Our resources are all mapped to the NOS guidelines and the assessment criteria within each unit, as collaborators with Qualifi for the Level 4 Diploma in Aesthetic Practice, these resources are tailored to each course, they provide references and exercises to enable students to answer the SAQs, MCQs, and assignments for all 10 units. Our approach to self-supported study allows students to work at their own pace, and need no prior experience of aesthetic practice.

Total cost for all 10 Units £1,000

Chris and Andrea are Level 3 educators, assessors, and Level 4 quality assurers. Chris is a Level 7 educator; he was also an A level Biology teacher and examiner for most of his teaching career. Chris recently freelanced for ‘Save my Exams’ website, creating model answers for Biology students. Andrea has over 15 years experience in aesthetics, and is renowned for her knowledge, expertise, and skills in the profession. Andrea has trained and supported aestheticians throughout the UK, USA, and Europe. In anticipation of new licensing requirements, and to raise the status of training and education in aesthetics, it has been their driving ambition to prepare for the delivery of Ofqual regulated qualifications. During their collaboration with Qualifi, they provided the industry expertise and supported the development of assignments, assessments, resources, and mark schemes for regulation of the above courses.

These resources are part of a complete package and cannot be sold sub-divided. Once centres have paid their one-off fee, they are not limited to the number of students that can be resourced, however they cannot be given to other centres as this will form a breach of copyright. Resources are provided as PDFs, but mark schemes are editable so they can be updated.

All resources are the proprietary material of Liberty Aesthetics Academy and are only available to Qualifi centres.