Liberty Aesthetics Academy and the 'game-changer'

Why should I add Plasma to my portfolio?

Simple – to achieve a significant and deep-rooted return on your investment!

Plasma Therapy is still a relatively new procedure in aesthetic practice. The market is buoyant, competition is minimal, and the opportunity is enormous. The Planoplas® device is unrivalled in the industry, our training is 1:1, and it’s Ofqual regulated, so you will not need to retrain to meet any forthcoming changes to licensing requirements.

A single device which can tighten and rejuvenate the following (typical costs):

  • Upper eye lid lift £595
  • Lower eye lid lift £450
  • Crow’s Feet £275
  • Smokers’ Lines £250 to £400
  • Neck lift £850

A single device which can remove the following:

  • Moles £150
  • Skin tags £80 (maximum of 5)
  • Keratoses £80 (per keratosis)
  • Thread veins £150
  • Acne scares £195 (needs minimum 3 treatments*)
10 days post upper and lower eyelid lift using skin tightening techniques unique to Planoplas. Note how the lower eyelid lift has reduced the apperance of the nasolabial folds. Results will continue to tighten up to 12 weeks when skin remodeling is completed. These dramatic results will last for 2 to 3 years but can be permanent.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty. Note the redundant skin of the upper eyes is dramatically reduced, and the wrinkles below the eye, the client’s Crow’s Feet are dramatically reduced.

These treatments are all non-surgical and the results for skin tightening using Planoplas®are guaranteed within a single session, which including numbing time, should take no longer than an hour.

Results usually last around 3 years but can be permanent. Consumables include a single-use probe, topical anaesthetic, and aftercare balm. Typically, the total cost of an entire treatment is around £20.

Plasma therapy provides a high revenue stream, but with such a diverse range of procedures, it not only appeals to existing clients but also opens the market to new ones. A typical week maybe, three upper and lower eyelid lifts, five mole removals and one neck lift. This is a staggering £3,500 of additional revenue for your business.

If you already offer microneedling, peels or dermaplaning, then plasma therapy is a superb addition to your combination therapies and advanced protocols, all of which are covered in our PlanoplasPro®training.


Post treatment


Plasma Peel for skin rejuvenation and rhytid reduction

Skin tag removal. Pink skin blends with existing tones when fully healed.

Why should I invest in Planoplas®?

  • A 2-setting medical device, which is both versatile and reliable.
  • Designed and engineered in Germany. There are many plasma devices to choose from so make sure your device is safe, and delivers a consistent, precise flash. Quality really is everything!
  • Calibrated to penetrate the dermal layer, without extensive scorching of the epidermis.
  • Free 5-year warranty provides peace of mind, knowing your investment is safe.
  • CE certified and FDA cleared in the USA. So Planoplas® has exceeded the most stringent safety emissions tests, and every component is traceable to the manufacturer.
  • Guaranteed results in one treatment. Clients simply love the fact they will not need to pay for a follow-up procedure.
  • An all-aluminium casing, no plastic whatsoever. This same factory also makes components for Formula 1.
  • A choice of short or long, lead-free probes, longer probes are adaptable to your working position.
  • Ergonomically designed with the heavier components towards the tip, Planoplas® feels perfectly balanced in the hand.
  • A portable power pack (5V) provides 8 hours of continuous use, without leads trailing from 240V mains plug sockets, or facing the dilemma of how to replace internal rechargeable batteries that have lost their capacity to hold charge.

Ofqual regulated training, and if you have your own clinic, we may be able to come to you.

We are ready to help, contact us for a chat, email or phone/message Chris Heath 07516039435

Acne scar revision (3 sessions) and mole removal

Mole removal from the client’s right eyebrow. Note the hair of the eyebrow is undamaged and now lies evenly.

Planoplas® is calibrated to deliver such a precise, consistent plasma flash, without extensive scorching of the epidermis. This is German engineering at its best, and it’s enabled us to develop and train techniques unique to this device.

Why train with Liberty Aesthetics Academy?

In 2019, Liberty took the decision to embark upon a unique journey in delivering quality, accredited 1:1 training in aesthetic practice, underpinned by specialist education.

Along the way, as it became clear that the government regulation was inevitable, we started to work with the awarding organisation, Qualifi. We began to write their Level 4 Ofqual submissions for aesthetic practice, including Unit AP 408 ‘Skin Rejuvenation using a Plasma Device’. Mapped to the NOS guidelines (National Occupational Standards which are the government guidelines to be mapped for all vocational training).

Today, as the Ofqual regulated Level 4 Diploma in Aesthetic Practice is announced, we promise:

  • Every qualification, including Plasma Training meets the forthcoming licensing requirements, you will not need to train again.
  • As collaborators with Qualifi and their assessments, mark schemes and resources for Plasma Skin Tightening, we are best placed to support your education and training needs.
  • Our Level 4 Ofqual regulated qualification will help you to access the Qualifi Level 5 and 7 Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin.
  • 1:1 intuitive training, giving you the skillset and expertise to know how, and where, to treat your clients and meet their objectives. No two clients have the same skin types or facial symmetry, so how can they be treated the same?
  • We hold Ofqual regulated qualifications in education, training, assessment, and quality assurance.
  • Lifetime support from our private forum of Planoplas® trained practitioners.
  • Access to all our marketing images, and your own editable consent forms, pre-treatment, and aftercare leaflets. You’ll be up and running right away.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty

Dramatic reduction of the upper eyelid, under eye rhytids almost disappeared.

Solar lentigo removal

Now you’ve chosen to enhance your portfolio with plasma, make sure you chose the right training partner and course.

  1. Is it Ofqual regulated training?
  2. Will I need to train again to meet new legislation?
  3. Does the device have a free 5-year warranty, and isit FDA cleared?
  4. Where is the device made?
  5. Can I have the manufacturer’s contact details?
  6. Is it Level 4, and does it help to access Qualifi’s Level5 and 7 Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers?
  7. Does it have a serial number etched and a CE mark?
  8. Do the trainers have qualifications to educate, train,assess and quality assure?
  9. Will I get lifetime support?
  10. Is training 1:1, and can you train at my clinic?

Upper blepharoplasty

Dramatically reduction of client’s upper eye lids. This result was achieved in one sitting and will last around 3 years but can be permanent.

We’d be delighted to talk you through options, email or phone/message Chris Heath 07516039435